Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We're starting early morning kayaking trips and we did a trial run this morning. We saw deer, herring, swans, ducks, eagles, fish, and kayaked through rapids big enough fill the kayak with water and soak anyone sitting in the front seat!


You would never thing that an oil refinery sits right on the Allegheny river in Warren, Pa.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hi everyone! We realized it had been awhile since we last posted so we wanted to do an update for those of you still watching our blog. We're still working in PA. It's been painfully HOT this past week. Luckily there's a river just steps away so when we can't stand the heat we just jump in the water! All of us took a 10 mile kayaking trip downriver earlier this week and we saw 3 eagles (and fish and turtles)! It was very cool to see an eagle up close and in the wild. Wish we could have gotten pictures but everything happened so fast, didn't want the camera to get wet. Most of us got sunburned pretty good too so we've been recovering from that the past few days. The feeling of our skin on fire subsided after the first 24-48 hrs. LOL. Josh and I have been living in a nice tent with an air mattress and it's surprisingly pretty comfy so we're going to camp out for as long as we can, probably through the summer. Our friends Josh and Piper let us use their house for showers, etc. Along with working for Josh and Piper at their canoe business we've been aquiring equipment to start making our own t-shirts & start a screen printing business here in town. Our 6 color 6 station press arrived this week from Sanford, Maine. I'll take some pictures to post. We're all really excited and having a great time so far!