Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We're starting early morning kayaking trips and we did a trial run this morning. We saw deer, herring, swans, ducks, eagles, fish, and kayaked through rapids big enough fill the kayak with water and soak anyone sitting in the front seat!


You would never thing that an oil refinery sits right on the Allegheny river in Warren, Pa.


LiveWorkDream said...

We heard that Warren is a decent place to live but didn't get to check it out. How is it?

My sister was living in Johnstown for a while. We saw the area where you are at when we visited her and traveled up to Erie. Pretty nice place to spend summer.

Betty Jo and Jerry said...

Your pictures are great! We're still waiting for summer up here in northern MI. We've had alot of rain but the sun is out today. It's going to warm up now, finally.
Have a great summer!