Saturday, April 26, 2008

feels like a long time coming

Well we're still in Loveland, CO but the good news is we got our RV back finally! The service place that had it was pretty ridiculous and we probably could of had it back two weeks ago but they were ordering parts which came in yesterday and were the wrong size!!! We said forget it and just paid for what they had done so far and now we're prepping it for the long trip to Pennsylvania. So the plan as of right now is to leave Sunday, drive across Nebraska, Iowa towards PA. As for what we've been doing for 3 weeks?? A whole lot of nothing. With the wind we've had in Colorado lately we've been flying kites, spending time with our niece Lucy, and up until the Pennsylvania Primary we were consumed by politics. We're excited to start our new adventure back east and we hope, for our sanity, that we get there quickly and in one piece.

Kite flying is our new hobby.

Cheetah at the Denver Zoo.

Kelly and Lucy
Josh and Lucy


Cory G. said...

Good luck and safe travels guys. I'm so jealous!