Monday, May 5, 2008

Attempt # ??????

Josh and I are going to give driving to Pennsylvania another try today. No luck trading the RV in for a truck and trailer, the dealer would only offer us $10,000! which was an insult and josh told them so. Needless to say we haven't heard back from them. We've had a lot of interest in the veggie oil aspect of the RV and have had a great time showing people how it works and taking them to get oil from restaurants. When people have seen how easy it is, and FREE!, they've started seriously talking about getting conversions done for themselves! I just think it's the coolest thing when you talk to someone who never even knew a diesel could run on plant oils and then next day they're totally into it. Our route to PA will take us thru Nebraska on HWY 80 (we're only taking the highways from now on), into iowa, thru chicago area, cleveland OH, and then onto Tidioute, PA. We'll be working at for the summer. It's a great place in the middle of the beautiful Allegheny National Forest and would love to hang out with some fellow RVers. I believe there is an RV park in the next town over and lots of tent camping. Give us a shout!


Froggi Donna said...

Good luck and take your time. You're headed for a beautiful part of the country. I used to live in the northern section of the Allegheny Natl Forest. Just take it slow and enjoy!

Betty Jo and Jerry said...

We hope you have a great trip. That is a beautiful part of the US. We're at our new workamping job in Petoskey, MI KOA. It's very pretty in this area and the park is very nice. We're excited to be here. Have a great summer!