Wednesday, May 7, 2008


We came back to Loveland after having Chevy look into why the RV was running on the hotter side. They did a pressure test and found an air pocket in the coolant lines but it didn't fix the issue. The RV is running fine around town but warmer on the highways. It could be as simple as the radiator needing cleaning or not. We posted it on ebay for $20,000 with no reserve for 5 days to see if anyone is interested. Now we're just waiting. If we don't get any interest we'll post in for 21 days and then head to PA.


Andy said...

Hi, we are a family of 5 (husband, wife and 3 wee ones). We are interested in purchasing an RV for a journey we plan to take in June traveling the United States and Canada. We hope to love on homeless people by providing basic necessities like food, water, clothing, sleeping bags, etc. I have resigned from my high school teaching job and we are currently selling everything we own.

We originally wanted to buy a diesel and convert it to WVO, but are now so close to our journey that we now would like to purchase one already converted.

We are attached to a non-profit organization and were wondering what you would think about a portion cash and some as a tax write off from our ministry. We are selling everything we own, but probably won't be able to come up with $20,000. Check out our blog if you want to know more about us.