Saturday, February 9, 2008

14 days and counting

Only 2 weeks left until we depart from the cold and snowy Rocky Mountains!!! Whoohoo!! We are still parked in a warm garage while it snows almost everyday outside and the wind howls up to 70mph!!! Josh and I keep envisioning ourselves somewhere warm, sitting outside under the sun, just relaxing. After our last days here in Summit County we are heading up to South Dakota to get Josh's Driver's License and then we'll head back to Denver, pick up the RV, and head to Springfield, MO to have our engine converted to run on waste veggie oil. Then we're thinking of traveling to Arizona to have a solar kit installed so we can have power without worrying about where we will plug in next. As soon as it starts warming up in the North we'll head to NH (and PA, WA, MT & OR!) to begin remodeling the interior by installing bamboo flooring, painting the walls with non toxic paint and possibly disassemble, sand & restain all of the the orange looking wood cabinets. As for right now we are running around crossing things off our never ending "to do" list whenever we are not working. Josh came down with the flu this week so he's taking time to let his body rest. We just wanted to let anyone reading our blog know that we will soon be on the road blogging about all our new adventures!!!


BigMusclePaul said...

hey guys i share your excitement. looking for a 'fresh start' last summer after leaving an idyllic home on Vancouver Island, I came to Montreal. But the winter here has been brutal, and so now i'm taking the plunge into full-timing (into a 1997 Safari too!). i'm still waiting on the seller so i can finish the deal, but i'm hitting the road on April 18. see you out there! said...

Come on through TorC New Mexico and meet up with us at Riverbend Hot Springs. We'll be workcamping there through May.

Margaret said...

Hope you feel better Josh. Can't wait to see you both. Don't blame you for waiting for warmer and I are trying to plan a vacation somewhere warm. We have it almost narrowed down to Arizona or Mexico.
We can't wait to read about your adventures.

Kelly & Josh said...

Hi Jim & Rene! Josh and I hope to meet up with you both in the near future when our travels bring us south. We'll keep you posted!
Kelly & Josh

Kelly & Josh said...

Hi Paul! Thanks for checking out our site. You are going to love your Trek and if you haven't found Trek Tracks on MSN you should definitly check it out. It's a great resource for us Trek owners. Here's the link...(
Escapees is also a great community for us Fulltimers. Good luck on your adventure and hopefully we'll see you out there!
Kelly & Josh