Friday, February 29, 2008

It's been a whirlwind!

Early Sunday morning we left Colorado and drove to Sioux City, SD through Nebraska and Iowa all in 1 day. Josh was able to get his SD drivers license Monday and we were able to meet the friendly people at Alternative Resources, our Mail Forwarding company, and our Insurance Agent at Dougherty & Associates in Sioux Falls. The weather on Monday was mostly snowy but we started the drive home anyway, making it as far as Lincoln, Nebraska before I ordered Josh to stop for the night because I had all I could take of the windy and snowy conditions. Tuesday we finished the trip home to Colorado and spent Wednesday finishing errands, etc. Thursday was the day josh was supposed to install the solar kit but as we read through all the manuals and instructions our heads were spinning and we had to concede that dealing with electricity was not something we wanted to mess with. Luckily Josh had a connection through some great guys that he worked with at the hot rod shop and they referred us to Nolin's RV in Denver. They took us in without hesitation and said they'd take care of everything. We then took a big sigh of relief and headed to Loveland, CO to spend a few days at Josh's parents while our RV is being worked on. We actually found the sold out Nintendo Wii at EB Games and snatched it up immediately. Josh and I have been having a blast playing bowling (and all the other sports games) and are thinking of looking for a few more remotes for friends and family to be able to play with us. I'm currently trying to figure out the best TV to buy for the RV to use for movies, backup camera, and The Wii. As far as the retirement lifestyle, we absolutely love it! We're shipping out the car on Friday so we'll be beginning our journey to Springfield, MO to have the veggie oil conversion done and then we're free! We will head down to the Lubbock, TX area to see our friend Jason race (motocross) and then maybe go check out Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo and who knows, maybe we'll show up at your door next!