Sunday, February 3, 2008

NuWave Breakfast

We attempted 2 more meals in our NuWave oven this week, scrambled eggs with bacon & Turkey burgers. As you can tell we're keeping it simple. The eggs we whisked together and put in a pan on the 4" rack and then spread the bacon around both the 4" and the 1" rack.

The Nuwave guidelines say to cook the eggs for 7 minutes and the bacon for 12. After 15 minutes for both the eggs finally cooked and tasted like eggs......Josh likes the fluffiness of them but the consistency was a little tough for me (I think i'll stick to my stove top). The bacon took a little longer to cook but tasted pretty good, the best part about cooking bacon in the Nuwave is less mess!

Finished product. Looks like scrambled eggs and bacon, tastest like scrambled eggs and bacon. B+

Next we tried Turkey burgers! The consistency of the meat was pretty much like pasty mush in your hands but the end result was tasty and delicious! We cooked for 8 minutes on each side and they came out perfect.

Josh strongly dislikes doing the dishes, especially after the cooking the bacon directly on the racks the other night. Because we don't have running water he's been washing dishes in a bucket or down at the bathrooms. He's such a trooper! Tonight he created these neat little foil bowls to contain the grease from the burgers (and to decrease the amount of dishes he's have to do). Pretty ingenious. Keep watching to see what else the Nuwave has in store!

Today was also a special day....the pictures will speak for themselves...Enjoy!!!!

If Josh had a mug shot I think this is what it would look like :D


Froggi Donna said...

I am love following your blog and staying updated with your adventures. Keep having fun....

Kelly & Josh said...

Thanks for following along! We can't wait to start the real trip!

piper said...

No more TEEN WOLF?!?!?!?!

April said...

Hi guys this is great being able to follow your adventures.
I wish you both lots of fun and laughs.

Margaret said...

What did you do with the hair? lol