Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our time here is coming to an end.....

With about 3 or 4 weeks left here in Colorado I've started looking back through photos thinking about some of the great experiences josh and I have had.

Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Independence Pass (12,095 ft) with Mom, Kim and Nick, and the flower lined roadways at the Sand Dunes National Park.
Rainbow in leadville, steps at loveland pass, ice at montezuma.

Summit County, our home for the last year.....

This morning is our first official day as Fulltimers!! I finished cleaning the apartment this morning, left my keys inside and locked the door behind me, never to return again, thank goodness! Our RV is packed with all of our belongings, which amounted to alot more than I thought, I hope that we didn't add too much weight. It's amazing what one person collects in the timespan of a year and as you start going through it all you realize how much money you've wasted on senseless junk. Who needs a stress ball in the shape of Dwight Schrute's head (all you office fans will know what i'm talking about)? Apparently I did. "It's only a dollar" is how I rationalized that purchase along with numerous others just like it over the years. I think living in such a small space will teach us how to consume less and to consume with more conscious thought. I found this great website "the tumbleweed tiny house" company. They manufacture small houses from 70sq ft to 700sq ft for those of us who don't need much space. My favorite is the 400 sq ft z-glass house.

As the weeks go by we will try and keep up with our blog, maybe writing more topical oriented posts while we wait to start our journey. Due to the fact that we do not currently have water in our RV I may not be able to do much cooking in the Nuwave for now. If we are able to stay in this heated garage then josh may fill up the tank so i can cook and wash dishes. Keep checking in


piper said...

hey, that 400 sq ft house reminds me of ours!!!

YourMother said...

Your pictures are wonderful to look at and I smiled, remembering our visit out there and would love to go again. Colorado is beautiful and I only saw a small portion of it. Endings can be a bit sad, which I felt while reading about the closure on a life you've always been comfortable with, but now is a new time!!!! Called RVing!!!! and sounds like it will be filled with exciting times and will be exciting for those who travel with you, through your blog. And just think, that also means new stuff to buy!!!! LOL About your "old" fun it would be, to send a small "stuff" item to each person you know, which would be recycling your stuff and also adding to theirs. We still belong to the mundane life and LOVE OUR STUFF!!! LOL

Love to you both,
Mom from NH