Sunday, January 20, 2008

personality type: RVer

Josh and I met a couple here today who help run the rv park and started fulltiming just last year. They workamp (work while camping) throughout the year at various campgrounds and were such fun to talk to. They were even nice enough to let us have a handful of their zip ties to fasten some pipe insulation we had bought earlier. (For more information on workamping go to As a member you have access to hundreds of seasonal jobs all over the US and Canada. It will be a major resource for us as we fulltime.) We also met another fulltimer named Bruce who stopped over this morning while we were unhooking everything and learned that he too lived in Colorado for a time. He came over later in the afternoon and we had another chance to pick his brain regarding a few of our hopefully minor issues with the rv. Many of the rvers we run into are so open and friendly, it's a refreshing feeling and restores some of your faith in people. Even as we cruise down the highway other rv drivers will wave as a sign of solidarity.