Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Short Termers!

Kelly and I are both feeling it. Our day jobs are becoming trivial and we are anxious to get back to our adventure. In time. Right now we are almost ready to move out of the apartment and in to the RV. We are so excited. All we have left is a couch bed and some pillows to get rid of and clean the place. We haven't found out about storage yet but we're pretty sure that we'll get the covered one. That means we can do some of our upgrades now. We headed over to the local green store Ecoasis in Breckenridge. The lady was so friendly and had great info on renewable, reusable, and recycled products. They also had some friendly paint. We're deciding on color...we'll let you know. That's all for now but we're so close, so stick with us!