Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Almost home...

We slept at the flying J in Salina, KS last night and boy was it cold!!! I think it dropped below zero for sure. Luckily we have a great forced air furnace system which takes the chill out of the air and we brought plenty of warm blankets. We left Salina at about 8:30am and started heading towards Denver. It's been pretty windy so josh's been doing all the driving. We're also climbing in elevation so we've only been going 45-50mph which sucks big time. We've seen some cool things along the way like this wind farm. There must have been almost 100 turbines scattered across the landscape. I wish we had time to stop and take pictures of all the cool looking rundown farms and rolls of hay too. We are trying to make it back to Dillon by tonight and it looks like there's great weather and road conditions so hopefully it'll be smooth sailing.