Sunday, January 20, 2008

Color schemes....

Still stuck in Missouri Josh and I decided to venture out to Lowe's to pickup a new breaker for the fuse box and we ended up finding many other things that we "needed". As we walked up and down the towering aisles we came upon what seemed like thousands of paint swatches. Josh and I immediately started picking up colors that we liked and shoveling them into my purse hoping the person at the counter wouldn't notice us. After getting home and laying the colors out I started noticing a trend, do you? Red, blue, green, yellow......Over the course of the next couple of months we will be making the rv our own by adding personal touches and hopefully new colors to brighten up our home. The creators of have remodeled their fleetwood flair in a way which has inspired us to do the same. Check out their site if you're interested in seeing their 'before and after' pictures and reading about sustainable living in an rv.