Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On the road again.....

We left Sikeston early this morning and are currently headed to St. Louis, MO on I-55 north. It's cold and a little rainy right now but we're just taking our time and enjoying all the interesting billboards along the way:) . Josh and I hope to stay the night somewhere in Topeka, KS if we can make it that far. It's been smooth sailing since we started driving this morning. Everything seems to be working great since we had the work done yesterday. Wish us Luck!!!


Margaret said...

Good luck to you! :)

Chris and Margaret

Anonymous said...

You guys are living the dream! Found your blog from the trek board. I have a '91 2810 trek and a 40 hour a week job. My wife and I would love to "just drive". We're jealous!


Sharon said...

Good Luck, we Love You!

You two are so great...I love how you are taking everything in stride. It cannot be understated that EVERYTHING Good, Bad, Inconvenient and Indifferent all happen for reasons. It's how we react to events that we learn from.

Mom & Dad
Keep on Truck'n

Anonymous said...

I think what you two are doing is fantastic! Live life to the fullest.

Linda P