Friday, January 18, 2008

No Crap!

After the RV dreams, we woke in the parking lot of the Flying J in Siloam Georgia. With all the water, propane, and diesel one could handle we tried them all. First the diesel...Green handle is all we need. Next, the dump tank. After stringing our sewer hoses together, we got er cleaned out without a problem...No Crap! Thinking the fresh water was was going to blow out in my face, we keep filling. "Hey, is it overflowing out the bottom"? "Yeah stop it"! Needless to say we know where it overflows from. So far it has been a productive and educational day.


Margaret said...

Hello Stinky! Hi Kelly!

So....when are you coming to see us? We miss you Josh and can't wait to meet Kelly :)
We have plenty of room to park that thing. LOL
How soon are you going to convert it to bio?
Hope to hear from you soon!


piper said...

Congratulations stinky and kelly, I'm so proud of you two!!!! What an awesome adventure! I'll read the blog every mornin' with the newspaper so keep on writing (and post more pictures)! How many miles do you guys get per gallon? Hurry up and get over here and hang out!
Take care,

Dusty said...

You guys should paint your rv up to look like a tour machine for some fake band. Have fun.

John said...

Hi there Kiddos!

You two are the greatest. Dad and I are so proud of both of you. For now we are happy to just sit back and watch your adventures unfold. Perhaps one day, you'll be the ones teaching us how to RV. You both have so much to offer the world out there, go out and make it happen!
Love ya both - The Mom & The Dad