Friday, January 25, 2008

For all you Foodies our there

My new Nuwave oven has arrived!, and it's first meal, roasted chicken.

Step.1 Clean Chicken
Step.2 Season Chicken
Step.3 Put Chicken in Nuwave
Step.4 Cook Chicken for only 75 min
Step.5 Fight over who gets to devour crunchy skin first!!!

This machine seems pretty amazing and I can't wait to try cooking bread in it next. Yes it even cooks bread! Keep tuning in for more fun food posts!!


LiveWorkDream said...

Gotta love that last chicken photo! Reminds me of a sphynx cat I once knew.

Thanks for linking to us! If you haven't yet visited, go create a profile and check it out. It's a cool new online community for those of us who are ... shall we say ... not your typical full-timers!

Hopefully we can hookup somewhere some time. We'll be workamping at a dude ranch in Lake City, CO this summer. Thanks again, keep in touch...

Sharon said...

LOL...Genetic Gadget Addiction! And...Josh you made fun of my old Jet Stream Oven. Dad & I actually broke down after the holidays and bought one of these NUWaves.Kelly, send along any recipes that work well in it cuz I know you two will use it alot. Mine is just sitting sadly on my counter.