Monday, March 17, 2008

Conversion Underway!!!

So this weekend was kinda hectic! Luckily the oil leak was a hole in a hose caused by rubbing against the turbo! Our parking break wasn't as easy. Jenkins Diesel had it all weekend with specifics that "done or not, we have have an appointment for a fuel conversion at 8 am Monday". With that said we showed up and squared the bill at 730 this morning, started up the RV, and we couldn't shift out of park. We contacted Golden Fuels when they opened and explained our dilemma. I can't say enough about the group of people over there. They where very understanding and said they'd work with us. Lucky for all, the RV was back to the way we left it by noon and we dropped it off at Golden Fuels and they've started. Our parking brake still isn't fixed but we'll work on it after everything settles down. Till next


Jason said...

hey again thought I would try this out again now that the pbr is giving me alittle courage

Jason said...

ltmiLooks like it worked, looking forward to seeing ya'll in the great state of texas. It always amazes me at how freindly the people are there.