Friday, March 21, 2008

Why am I hungry for tortillas?

We made it about 70 miles outside springfield mo today and parked at a flying J to dump our tanks and fill up on water when the inevitable happened, I spotted diesel leaking from the engine. Not a good sign. After doing some trouble shooting we know that it's coming from the return line hose but josh isn't able to access that area with the tools he has. So now we're trying to find some place that can just do the work for us, I don't think it should take long or be an expensive fix...we hope. These inconvieniences are getting old very quickly. On the other hand we ran on vegetable oil all day today!! Whoohoo!! What an awesome experience, we've been waiting for this for what seemed like an eternity. And no, the exhaust did not smell like french smelled like tortillas! Ole! Hopefully tomorrow sometime we can get back on the road and continue heading towards Fritch, TX where we plan to stay at Lake Meredith for a few days.


YourMother said...

Have my computer back and enjoyed catching up on all your travels. I hope all is going well and that you have the parking break situation fixed. It is so nice to see the pictures of where you've been, it's like sitting in the front seat of the RV!!!! Love you and miss you, too.