Friday, March 14, 2008

Springfield or Bust!

We made it to Springfield, MO today after stopping for a few nights along the way. After our first night stay in Salina, KS our parking brake failed to disengage in the morning. Josh, the handyman that he is, figured out how to disengage the brake so we could continue driving. We called ahead to Springfield to see if we could get someone to take a look at it on short notice. After getting passed around a handful of times Jenkins Diesel said they could at least look to see if there was anything they could do. As we were driving to Nevada, MO that same afternoon we started to smell a burning smell but didn't think too much of if. We stopped for the second night in Nevada, MO and in the morning woke up to dense fog that delayed our trip to Springfield by a few hours. On our 2 hour trek to Springfield we smelled that same burning smell and started to think maybe it was coming from us. When we arrived at Jenkins Diesel we opened the door to the bedroom and sure enough, smelled a strong burning odor. We lifted the bed and noticed an oil like substance spattered all over the place and then a large puddle of oil on the ground. "Wonderful" we thought. So we are sitting here while our RV is being looked at and it doesn't sound like it's a quick fix. They said the parking brake is the least of our worries. It's times like these when we begin to doubt making this decision but it's also times like these when we look at the alternative, a lifestyle we were not at all happy with and a lifestyle we couldn't wait to leave. Everything happens for a reason.......
UPDATE: Luckily the oil spill was only a busted hose.
UPDATE: 8 hours later we are sitting in a best western hotel room until they can get a "diode" for the parking brake on saturday. Apparently it's an electrical issue.