Tuesday, March 25, 2008

OK in Oklahoma

Yesterday we just about decided to give up this lifestyle, sell the RV, and try something else. After experiencing one problem after another it was just too much. When Josh cracked one of his molar's last night and was pulling out pieces of tooth it was the last straw. (Josh is ok but will have to get a tooth pulled here shortly.) We felt like we were being kicked when we were down. This morning we had an appointment to have the refrigerator looked at in Bartlesville, OK. It wasn't working on Propane. They ended up being the nicest people around. They troubleshot the problem but didn't have the part in stock. They also load tested our battery's and said they where all ok. Then they sent us off showing how to replace the part and didn't charge us a thing. We where so great full for all there help. Next we stopped at a shell gas station to see if they'd donate some of their grease for our adventure. They where happy to help and we managed to filter about a quarter of a tank before we hit sludge. Meeting such nice people this morning definitely made us feel better about our situation and that it seems as though things might just turn around. We are currently stopped in Tulsa, OK taking advantage of Internet access before we continue on to Oklahoma City. Thanks to all of you that are sending positive thoughts are way, they are much appreciated!!

Spring is in bloom in Oklahoma!

Our second grease fill up.

How cute are these guys!!


LiveWorkDream.com said...

Oh you guys, I'm so sorry for all of the headaches. Try to think of it as the Yin and the Yang of the universe. You can't have all good and no bad, and vice versa. Life tends to be more of one and not the other, and then suddenly things will shift gears and change to the other side.

Things are just on the downside right now, and it's so inconvenient since you are just in the learning phase of your rig, but things WILL change and all will be good. Hang in there, don't give up!

Dan & Teri Gregg said...

It sounds like that coach must have sat for a while. If it was low mileage you can figure that it did. A sitting coach is not a good thing. You will work the bugs out. Keep it rolling.

Kelly & Josh said...

Thanks for the comments. We hope things will turn around too. We're not feeling hopeful rignt now. I didn't think that the rig had sat for awhile but that might explain the 'bugs' we're working out. It's got a new engine and transmission so we were hoping alot of 'bugs' had been worked out already. Time will tell. Thanks again.