Thursday, March 27, 2008

Relief !

We don't need to replace the motor! Whoo! There were a few different things that could have caused the coolant to spray out, nothing major, but major cost. We've gotten so much support from fellow RVers which helped get us through these past few days. Not wanting to give up the lifestyle we've come to the conclusion that living in a Class A motorhome maybe wasn't the right choice for us. We're looking into putting the RV back up for sale and purchasing a diesel truck and tow a trailer. That would give us the ability to have a vehicle to drive around town and a place to live. We'll probably pick up the motorhome tomorrow morning and then start heading back to Denver to start selling the RV. Even with all the maintenance it's still a great RV, just not for us. If this didn't work out Josh and I figure we could travel writing reviews on hotels for a living! lol

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That is a really wise decision, you won't regret it. When we looked for our rig, my Dad, an RVer who's tried out every kind of rig for the last 50 years, told us that a 5th wheel hands down is the best bet, especially for newbies.

The biggest benefit of a 5er is that you won't need to worry about two engines and two different systems to take care of. Also, if you need to, you can find a diesel mechanic just about everywhere. MoHo mechanics are harder to find, and repairs are way more expensive as you know.

We are SO happy with our decision to get a 5th wheel and our Dodge diesel. Some friends of ours just got rid of their trailer, and bought a MoHo instead, and we are like WHAT are you thinking! They got lured into the glamor of owning an old Airstream is all we can think of. The headaches and costs aren't worth it unless you have an unlimited budget.

Forget a standard trailer. Though they are cheaper, they are not good for fulltiming. They are not as steady on the road, and hitching up is a pain.

Look at 5th wheels, and don't let the whole hitch business intimidate you. Just be sure to get one with a GOOD hitch that can move back and forth enough to allow you to make sharp turns. Don't cheap out on the hitch! Our Superglide allows us to make the most incredibly sharp turns without hitting the cab.

Also, the ONLY truck for a 5er is a Dodge 2500 or 3500 as far as anyone who knows anything is concerned. Fords and Chevys don't have enough HP and ride way too low in the rear.

Good luck guys. You'll find the right rig, just take your time and get rid of that beast you have, asap!